Full Body Massages Available In South East London

At Adnerb Massage in South East London, we know that your body is as multidimensional as your life. This is why we focus on restoring these imbalances and aid in improving overall health and well-being through a full body massage service. Please call to book an appointment. We serve customers from across Forest Hill, Kent, Greenwich and the surrounding areas.

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All the services we offer are mobile for domestic clients so they do not have to battle through traffic and harsh weather conditions, right after having a relaxing massage. Instead they can stay in their home environment and enjoy the full benefits.Our massage services can also easily be extended to a commercial office where our fully clothed seated massage treatment can be carried out from an allocated room for a day or perhaps a few hours, as per your specific requirements.

Our massage options:

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    Holistic massage

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    Full body massage  

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    Indian head massage

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    Mini facial massage

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    Swedish massage 

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    Cupping massage 

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    Pregnancy massage

Holistic massage 

The term "holistic" is generally interpreted as a treatment related to the whole person - body, mind and spirit.

 The Oxford English Dictionary (1960) gives the medical definition as treating the whole person including mental and social factors, rather than just the symptoms of a disease. Therefore the massage has a variety of movement according to particular schools of thought. The movements are slow with light pressure applied and involve the whole of the body and usually include the use of oils. Music may also be used as an aid to achieving a relaxing treatment. 
One of the most common reasons for people to have a massage is the general aches and pains that fall under the broad definition of rheumatic pains, aching joints and muscle spasms. The main underlying cause of many symptoms manifested in the body is stress. Holistic massage can help as it can help to relieve stress, insomnia, tense muscles and back pain, and is believed by many to improve circulation and digestion, tone the skin and help eliminate toxins. 

Please get in touch with Adnerb Massage for more information.

Back Massage

Indian head massage

Today we see Indian head massage as a great stress buster, and although we call it a head massage, we incorporate the back, shoulders and arms. This massage is a truly holistic treatment with many psychological and physiological effects.The joy of the Indian head massage is the true simplicity of it. The treatment usually last 30 minutes and can be extremely effective.

Why choose this massage?
This treatment is good for corporate clients as it is non-invasive and you do not need to remove any clothing.  

Equally effective on men, women and children. 

No special equipment needed
The physical benefits that can be gained:
Ease tight muscles, releases shoulders, therefore improving posture

Aids lymphatic drainage to face

Increase good blood supply to head, back, neck, shoulders and face

Helps ease headaches

Massage Treatments

Indian head massage

£35 / 30 Minutes

Mini facial massage + back massage

£40 / 1 hour

Thorough back, neck and shoulder massage

£45 / 1 hour

Full body massage (Anterior and posterior)

£50 / 1 Hour

Full body massage including cupping

£65 / 1 hour

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